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What Your Favourite Flower Says About You: Part Two

Where flowers bloom, so does hope. – Lady Bird Johnson

Previously, we started exploring the fun (and a little bit made up) world of what your favourite flower says about you (if you missed it, you can check it out here). Since there are so many wonderful flowers in the world, we decided to split the post into two parts. So, if we didn’t already cover your favourite flower, read on!


You are so very sophisticated! Appearances matter (you love luxury), but so does honesty. You hold back a little – an air of mystery is important! – but to your small group of close friends, you are forthright and open. People are drawn to you and intrigued by you, and with good reason (although you can be a little temperamental). First impressions are important to you; luckily, you usually make a good one.


You are a down-to-earth beauty who loves to be independent and free, though people can completely rely on you as well. Everyone loves being around you – you radiate strength and conviction and draw people in. A bit of a people pleaser, you can change your personality to accommodate almost anyone. But you also have a wild side, and defying expectations thrills you.


Vibrant, enthusiastic, and creative, you are the life of the party. With an artistic flair, you love to express yourself and learn new things. You are never one to avoid a challenge, though you can have issues with follow through. Fun, quirky and bold, you aren’t afraid of adventure. And you have the stories to prove it!


Much loved, but a bit evasive – this is how those who know you best would describe you. Everyone wants to be around your voluptuous sweetness, but you can be a hard person to get a hold of. You are incredibly kind and have a great heart. You also can listen with great care and attention, and everyone loves the rare one-on-one time they get with you. You are thoughtful and empathetic. And, despite being a little shy, you also lean towards boldness, especially when it comes to romance.


The daffodil lover is calm and peace-loving, though a little dreamy and scattered. You are the consummate nurturer – loving and caring, excellent at multitasking and adapting to change, and hard working. You tend to put others first, and love hosting parties for other people. You are laid-back and fun, but you take your responsibilities seriously.


You are a practical person who loves tradition and family, but you can also be quite surprising. Ever reliable and steady, you are someone who can be there for people in times of celebration or times of grief. Although you are sometimes overlooked, the people who love you would do anything for you, as you would for them. You are a simple, but ageless beauty, who makes everything better for everyone around you.

What do you think? Did we miss your favourite flower (there are so many!)? Did we capture your essence? Did we make you long for your favourite bloom? We’d love to hear from you!

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