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What Your Favourite Flower Says About You: Part One

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change. – The Buddha

When you love something as beautiful and varied as flowers, it can be hard to pick just one that stands out as your favourite. The simplicity of one flower might attract you as much as the ornateness of another. But the kinds of flowers you particularly love can say a lot about your personality. At least for the purpose of having a little bit of fun!


Whether the simple white and yellow classic, or the colorful boldness of a Gerbera, daisies are a simple but beautiful flower. People who love daisies are probably a bit childlike, optimistic, and cheerful. Daisy people love to smile and laugh and hate it when things get overly complicated or dramatic. They like routine, simplicity, and fun. Just like the flower, daisy people are great addition to a party to help it come alive.


Roses are a classic beauty. People who love them, tend to have a strong love of tradition. Passionate, romantic, and effortlessly stylish, rose lovers are all about sophistication; though they do have a sting when they need to protect themselves. Although different colours of roses mean different things, (yellow is associated with friendship, pink with happiness, and white with innocence), roses in general are most associated with love.


Tulips are fun, classy, and sweet, and so too are the people who love them. Family and friends are important to a tulip personality. However, change and adventure are also a draw. Traveling tends to be a passion, and strangers are pulled to your bright personality. Just as tulips can bloom on cold days, this personality is easy-to-please and positive.


Lilies are both delicate and hardy, as are the people who love them. Lily-lovers tend to be artistic and proud of their work, though they can often feel misunderstood. However, just like the flower, they are always inspiring and uplifting to those around them. Incredibly kind, generous, and hard-working, they are someone to be counted on. And they stand out in a



Sunflowers are bright, sunny, and cheerful, and so are those that love them. Always the optimist, they are the one friends come to when feeling down. Their mere presence can brighten a room. These personalities thrive on making new friends, radiate warmth and are extremely welcoming. Luckily, they have a strong sense of self, which helps from being easily influenced by the many people who seek to be in their light. And wow – they sure love summer!

Haven’t gotten to your favourite flower yet? Check out part two (coming soon!), when we talk about five more popular flowers and what loving them might mean about you.

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