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How to Keep Your Succulent Alive

I know many plant lovers that say they are great with tropical plants, but they are not great with a cactus or a succulent. Is there such thing as over-loving your plant? Yes!

Many plant owners just assume that all plants need water "once a week" or "every 2-3 days" because they tend to have the same type of plants around the house.

Succulents are all the same, so they should all be watered once a week, right?

Wrong - not all succulents are alike! There are many species, and sub species of succulents.

The most common variety of succulent is an echeveria, pictured to the right. When watering it is best to use a syringe to get the water underneath the plant, to the base where the roots are. If you get water in the "crown" (the centre of the plant), it will rot from the middle outwards. They only need to be watered once a week. I personally use 5 mL in a starter plant, which is usually a 2" pot. One in a 4" pot needs a little more water, about 15 mL. It will likely dry out between waterings - this is perfectly okay! If it is watered too much, the roots may start to rot, causing damage to the whole plant.

You already know that the picture above is of an echeveria, but so are the ones below! They are not limited to one color or shape, they can come in many different looks. Some have a pink or blue tint, while most are green. The leaves can have quite the variances in them - serrated, rounded, pointed, and some are even fuzzy!

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