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Unique Presentation Wraps - Gold Edge Bouquet Wrap

Red tulips and Red roses with greenery in a black wrapping with gold edges

Lately I had have many people asking if I can wrap their bouquets with this beautiful gold wrapping paper that has been making the rounds on TikTok and Instagram. This paper isn't something that is readily available in Edmonton, Alberta. I had to do some digging to source it - lots of asking others in similar industries if they use anything similar or if they have seen anything similar. I have been using the non-woven paper (the white paper in the image) for over a year now, which gives me some experience with folding and wrapping this type of bouquet. The gold edge bouquet wraps are a bit different, and doesn't hold the folds that you make in the sheets as well as the non-woven paper does. But it does really upgrade the bouquet and make it look very exquisite!

Side Profile of bouquet wrap of black plastic paper with gold edging and a gold bow

When I first started working in the floral industry, plastic sleeves that were pre-made and pre-sized were the norm. These are new and require more work by the florist, as they arrive as flat sheets in square shapes. This is the second time I have talked about these new wrappings I am offering. I have had so many come in asking for these wraps on their bouquets. Since 200 sheets arrived about two weeks ago, I have used about half of them! Many of you are coming in and asking for these next day, same day, or even for "right now".

I am having so much fun trying many different techniques and styles of these wraps. More are going to be coming up on my website as well as Instagram soon! Stay tuned, and keep your custom requests coming - I do love a challenge!

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