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Floral Design Workshops in Edmonton

I am back with floral design workshops! The goal going forward is to offer one regularly scheduled workshop per month, with room for private bookings as well. Private bookings can be corporate, team building workshops, or they can be family events, or even an activity to celebrate a birthday! My current space can accommodate up to 7 participants, I can come to YOUR place of business, or alternatively I have an office space available a short drive from my store in north Edmonton.

Woman holding a pink carnation between hands

When I am offering workshops to the public, there is usually a limit of 5 participants to give everyone ample room to work without having to squish. I love to educate workshop participants on proper flower care, types of flowers being used, usage of foam and tools, and of course I start each workshop with a knife/cutter safety talk so that we can all finish the workshop in once piece!

Keep your eyes on my "Floral Workshops" tab to see what classes are coming - or give us a call to inquire about booking your own. The most common workshops you will see would be centrepieces around holidays - what better talking point than a centrepiece made by you?

I tend to offer more workshops in December(many private bookings, as well as public workshops!), while offering less in the summer months. This is when it picks up with weddings for me and many go on summer vacations.

Many workshops I have hosted before have been best suited for beginners when it comes to floral design - would anyone be interested in higher skill level workshops?

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