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Why are these flowers turquoise?

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Many customers come in looking for something different, something a bit more special than your everyday floral finds. Floral spray paint is a great idea! For example, plain, white carnations can become something more beautiful with just a bit of spray paint! Below you will see some before and after photos of what sprayed carnations may look like. This technique can be used on most flowers, but for some, it is not a great idea. Keep reading to learn more!

White carnations
White carnations before they have been touched with spray paint


To the left you will see four white carnations. In the end, these are going to be a beautiful teal!

Light blue carnations


The carnations in the photo to the right have one coat of spray paint on them, this photo was taken after they were left to sit overnight to open more. The reason you want to do this, is you can see the middle of the flowers is still white, while the outside is a teal. These carnations will need another coat or two before they are ready to go!

Aqua carnations


In this last photo, you see how dark the carnations get with 2 coats of spray paint! These were left to sit overnight, and then given a slight spray in the middle to cover the new white pieces that had opened up. The carnations were not picked up by the customer until they had dried completely, so this was finished early in the day for an afternoon pickup.

The one thing to definitely keep in mind, if you want some extra color to your flowers, is give us at least 3 days notice, so that we can ensure the color takes properly, and that we have enough paint in the color you are wanting!


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