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What it takes to do 2 weddings in one weekend!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Amaranthus dahlia bridal bouquet

This past weekend, we had two brides book with us to have their wedding flowers done! It was a big task, but we were up for it! Two very different brides, and two very different themes. Both of the weddings required different things! One included centerpieces and hand-tied bouquets made of carnations and daisies. The other included delicate flowers, such as dahlias and many bridesmaids.

When you have two weddings worth of flowers to complete, you need to plan accordingly! We knew roses and dahlias would not last as long as daisies and carnations, and centerpieces last longer than a boutonniere or a corsage because the flowers are in water.

Carnation daisy centerpieces
Carnation and daisy mason jar centerpieces

We started by making the centerpieces for one of the weddings on the Wednesday before the wedding. We had 17 total centerpieces to make for the wedding. Following the centerpieces, we started on the boutonnieres and bridal bouquets for the same wedding. By Thursday, we were ready to start on the final wedding. We started with the boutonnieres, followed by the bridal bouquets. We had finished all but 2 of the bridesmaids bouquets for this wedding. That meant Friday we needed to finish the last two, but also give all the bouquets their ribbon wraps, and box them with water.

On the Saturday morning, I boxed up the final components of each wedding. Shortly after this was finished, the brides father came in to pick up all the flowers for one wedding. After he left with a vehicle full of flowers, I started to fill mine with flowers for the other wedding, this one was a delivery.

On July 7th, 2018 it was VERY rainy! I hope that the weddings went well, and that the bride, groom, and all their guests stayed dry.


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