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Wedding Consultation Area Upgrade

In the photo below, if you look very closely at the right side, you can see a chair peeking out from underneath a table. This was my very first wedding consultation area, out of Bonnie Doon Mall. I opened my shop there in December of 2017. We have now since relocated to 12644 137 Avenue, in Kensington Crossing. During my first year in business, we didn't do many weddings - maybe three or four of them. Now, going into our fourth year in business, we have done over 60 weddings in the Edmonton area!

I have gained tons of experience in the wedding industry over the years, and we are now doing wedding set-up as well. I started off with smaller weddings where the flowers would be picked up from our shop, or delivered in Edmonton. I started getting asked for more options, and further options! "Can you deliver to a golf course thirty minutes out of the city?" Or, "Can you deliver to the Banff Springs Hotel?". We said yes to both of those couples. We ensured we knew who we were meeting at the venue, and at what time to make sure the delivery of the flowers went off without a hitch.

We eventually had couples asking if we would do set up for them - tie on pew markers, hang arch sprays, place centrepieces, and more. Of course, we said yes to these couples as well. Today, we are currently booking weddings with full set up at the venue. These venues vary from hotels, to wedding/conference venues, churches, community centres, and more. We knew that we needed more space, organization, and displays to show that we can handle these larger jobs.

Now that we have had such success with weddings, we have converted a section of our new store into a private area for wedding consultations. The table that was once pushed against a wall is now in the centre of the room, and it even has a tablecloth now! The whole room has baby pink curtains draped from the walls, white pedestals with silk bouquets and arrangements on them, and even floral hoops hanging from the ceiling. We also have some buckets of silk flowers to view, if that happens to be what you are looking for.

You can view the white arch we have (also draped in pink curtains) with different silk florals arranged on it. It has a full bunch of eucalyptus, as well as some different floral sprays and swags arranged on it to give you the perfect inspo for your wedding!

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