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Wedding Flower Spotlight: Emily and Tyler

At Blooms by May, we take pride in building relationships with our clients. Our goal is to create an experience for every person who walks through our doors. Every event is special. And I think we can all agree that weddings are a momentous event. An incredible amount of thought and planning goes into every single detail of the day. One of those details is, of course, the flowers. From bouquets to centerpieces, the flower décor in a wedding plays a starring role in the big day. When you choose Blooms by May, your wedding flowers will leave your guests swooning!

From start to finish, you and I will be involved together, in each step. At the initial consultation (virtual consultations available during COVID), you can spend as much time with me as needed. We want to ensure that you feel fully understood. No matter your budget, Blooms by May can provide you with flowers that you will be proud to show off. Photographs will be provided as we create your arrangements and you will be kept in the loop the entire way. My goal is to make sure that on the day of your wedding, there are absolutely no surprises. It is important that your vision for your special day is what we deliver. When I say we go above and beyond, I mean it. For example, I had the pleasure of doing a wedding for a lovely couple, Emily and Tyler, in July 2019. My husband and I personally delivered their flowers to them in Banff, Alberta.

But our story didn’t end there!

In July of this year, I received a text message from Tyler requesting a special flower arrangement in celebration of their first wedding anniversary. I was thrilled to create a beautiful bouquet for his wife, Emily, using colours and flowers that matched their wedding.

Since they were celebrating their anniversary in Banff, he wanted to pick up the flowers before the store opened. My employee, Katy offered to come in early so that he could pick up his flowers at the time he needed. And, we made sure to package the flower arrangement so that it could travel safely to its destination. An added bonus? The groom loved what we had created so much that he ended up ordering flowers for his Grandmother for her birthday.

The relationships we build with our clients is amazing, and we are proud of the fact that many continue to return to our shop time and time again. Celebrating with you and providing something special to honour these beautiful occasions is the best part of my job!

If you are planning a wedding, I would love the opportunity to sit down and chat with you about the many flower options available.

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