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Valentine's Day Flowers

Most people think of roses when they think of Valentine's Day, but why? This is because roses have long been associated with love and romance, especially when in shades of red. Don't count out other flowers though - especially since the cost of roses almost DOUBLES at Valentine's Day! There are so many beautiful options available, and these options include flowers that last longer than a rose. Keep reading below to learn about the options you have for Valentine's Day 2022.

Mixed bouquets are a fantastic option! They contain more than one type of flower, and usually have more than one color (unless you ask for only one!). They are also available at almost any price point. We typically carry ones that start around $35, but can customize to your budget. These bouquets also don't include a vase, which can save you some money when your special person already has a vase!

Popular flowers that we include in our bundles are carnations, gerbera daisies, lilies, chrysanthemums, alstromeria, and sometimes even sunflowers! You can get a larger bouquet for the same (or lower!) price than you would have spent on a bouquet of only roses.

"Hey May, I want to get something that she can keep after the flowers die."

We hear the above spoken to us by so many customers, and not just during Valentine's Day! We have many great options such as scented candles, bath bombs, and fancy vases. But my personal favourite is a plush animal! We usually get a Valentine's assortment with bears and other animals holding hearts that say "I love you". If you are not quite ready for the 4 letter word yet, we have bears that are just soft with nothing written on them.

Arrangements in vases are the best choice when you are looking to impress. When we arrange the flowers in a vase before you pick them up, we have more control of the overall design. This means that we can do things like make heart shapes out of grasses that will hold that shape until your flowers die. We can tie some ribbon around the vase to accent the flowers just one step further. The best thing we can do is manipulate the heights of different flowers that will stay that way, no more losing the shape of the floral design when you cut your fresh flowers to go in a vase! Below are five great examples of using a vase to its fullest potential. Impress your Valentine this year!


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