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Up Your Flower Game Using Balloons

I recently teamed up with Ariana, an Edmonton-based balloon artist! She is the owner of I had been connected with her by a mutual contact when she had expressed interest in working with a florist on some ideas she had. I was more than happy

to help her out with her show-stopping ideas!

We first met in October of 2021 and sat down for coffee together. We quickly learned we aligned in person and business values, and that we could work well together personally and professionally. She had explained how she got into the business, and how she had grown her business and her skills in the balloon industry. I also shared my story with her, and shared what I wanted to achieve in my business.

It was wonderful when I was able to invite her into my store (as well as my work space) to work on some collaborations for Valentine's Day. We sold out of everything in the store that was a collaboration between us, including the one made of silk flowers! She had also provided me with some extra heart shaped balloons with cute Valentine's Day wishes on them in vinyl script which customers were then able to add to any arrangement they chose to.

After seeing how well Valentine's Day had worked out for our collab, we decided to work together again for Mother's Day! She featured a design with purple roses, and I featured a similar design with roses in a baby pink. Every time I work with Ariana I learn something new, and I can't wait to continue to collaborate with her!

Below I have included images from our Valentine's Day Collection and our Mother's Day Collection. Ariana provided the balloons, the vinyl lettering, as well as the beautiful butterflies! Once the balloons were complete, I was able to add my flowers around the balloons and provide the containers for the arrangements.

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