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Transporting Flowers in Cold Weather

So, you have just bought a bouquet of flowers. It may have come from a florist, a grocery store, or wherever else you get your flowers! The key to keeping your bouquet looking as fresh as when you got it is transporting it safely. What does this mean? A few things! First, ensure that the store you have purchased your flowers from has wrapped your flowers appropriately for the temperatures outside.

If it is below 0°C outside, two layers is best. Whether this is two layers of paper or two of plastic, either is great! Most flower shops will automatically wrap your flowers in two layers when it is cold outside, but places like a grocery store may not do this. If they don't - just ask! Someone should be happy to wrap them for you. I have seen what happens to flowers in freezing temperatures. They can turn black once they get back into warmth, or even just appear to rot almost instantly! Keep them warm, the insulation helps.

Don't leave them in your vehicle for any amount of time! "After this I am going to the grocery store - it will only take 30 minutes or so!" 30 minutes is too long to leave fresh flowers in a vehicle in cold weather, especially in the cold we get here in Edmonton. Once flowers have been exposed to extreme cold for 5 minutes or more, (sometimes less, depending on the temperature!) they will show signs of cold damage within a few hours of returning to room temperature. You will see this in the colour change and the stems/blooms will appear weak. I have often been posed the question on a -20°C day "Can I leave this in my car while I work for another 4 hours?" Absolutely not! *If you are driving with the heat on, they will be fine!*

If they are a gift for someone, do not leave them on their steps! When we deliver flowers in the winter, our delivery drivers do not leave the flowers on the steps - you shouldn't either. They may sit there for five minutes, or they may sit there for hours. There will be wind blowing and snow coming down - not great for fresh flowers. This is very similar to leaving them in a cold vehicle. Wait until your loved one is home before delivering a fresh bouquet to them!

I hope this helps keep your flowers fresh during these cold months we have coming!

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