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Types of Orchids

There are thousands of different species and genus of orchids out there, but we carry just a handful of those out there. Ones we carry on a day to day basis - cymbidium and dendrobium. Ones we can order in for weddings or other special events - phalaenopsis, mokara and oncidium. I have worked with all of the above types of orchids, and would love the opportunity to work with more of them!

So, most of you likely want to see pictures of these orchids rather than just read about my feelings on each variety. Let's start with some pictures! (Stay left if you are here for photos - to learn a bit more there is text on the right!)

White phalaenopsis orchid
Phalaenopsis Orchid

This is a smaller plant in the image beside, and it is in pure white - a beautiful plant! A phalaenopsis orchid is more commonly known as a 'moth orchid'. I have seen them in shades of pink, purple, yellow, green and orange. Sometimes they even have a polka dot or striped pattern to them! I have also seen some that are artificially tinted in deep purples and blues.

Blue Dendrobium Orchid
Dendrobium Orchid

To the left we have a dendrobium orchid - this one is tinted blue. It is naturally purple and white, but dyed with blue to take on this striking colour contrast! They also come in white, pale pink, green and peach (as well as the purple without the dye). These blue ones are very popular in our shop and do not stay on the shelves very long! Dendrobium orchids are also very popular for wrist corsages for graduation.

Green cymbidium and yellow oncidium orchids
Cymbidium & Oncidium Orchids

This photo is a 2 for 1! It has both cymbidium and oncidium orchids. The big blooms at the bottom of the arrangement are the cymbidiums, the bright yellow ones throughout the centre and edges are the oncidium orchids. I have only ever seen oncidium orchids in yellow, but they do come in an array of colors - burgundy, pink, red and green are becoming available. The large cynbidiums come in many colors, just the like phalaenopsis. Shades of pink, green, yellow, burgundy, white and brown. Some varieties have stripes on the blooms.

Which orchid variety above is your favorite?

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