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Stunning Bridal Bouquet

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

To the left is a photo of a bridal bouquet that was made custom for one of our lovely brides! She saw these pink roses in our cooler, and fell in love with them! This is where we started to form the idea for the bouquet. Keep reading to find out where we went from there.

We have books to look through on our wedding consultation table, this is where we went once we saw the roses. She loved the idea of a trailing ribbon, and the nice round shape of the bouquet. I showed her the wall of ribbon in my shop, and she chose two ribbons for me to wrap around her bouquet. I had some blue dendrobium orchids in my cooler, which she loved the look of, but thought the blue wouldn't fit will with the pink. So, we substituted with white and purple accent flowers!

I could not get purple dendrobiums as I only had 3 days notice for this wedding, but I did manage to get some beautiful purple freesia, and some white mini cymbidium orchids with a pink throat. Once I found that this was all I had to work with, I reached out to the bride to see if she wanted the freesia or the orchids, her response was "Just make it beautiful!". So I took the initiative on using both the freesia and the orchids.

The bouquet was picked up on Saturday afternoon, and was packed in a box with water so the bouquet would stay fresh for the bride for the whole day!

Pink rose bridal bouquet
Sideways view of the bouquet, showing the ribbon

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