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Spring Flowers

I wanted to start this post off by asking you a question! Did you know that daffodils and tulips should not go in the same vase? Daffodils (aka narcissus) release a sap that lowers the vase life of cut tulips! They usually have quite a short stem, as the stem of the flower is not overly strong. That being said, I have seen some crazy long tulips and freesia in peoples personal gardens outside their houses. But for floral design and arranging purposes, the stems tend to be shorter. I think this is super unfortunate, because they mostly are used in vases since they are quite short compared to other flowers.

When it comes to spring, there are a few flowers that come to mind for mst people - daffodil (left), tulip(below), freesia and hyacinth. Most spring flowers are quite delicate, whether it is the stem or the blooms. When I say 'spring flowers', I am talking about ones that are seasonally available and bloom in the early weeks of spring. If you are an avid gardener, you would know that when you are growing 'bulbs' (tulips, hyacinth, daffodil, freesia) they need to be planted before the winter snowfall to bloom next spring!

Many people think of other flowers as spring flowers, or many come to mind when people think of Easter, which is in the spring. Lilies are very popular for Easter and thought of as a spring flower, but are readily available year-round. I hear a lot of people say "gerbera daisy are great spring flowers!". While gerbera are stunning, happy and have many uses they are available year-round.

Now that you know which flowers are true spring flowers, will you make different choices when you buy your next spring bouquet?

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