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Silk or Fresh Wedding Flowers?

I have recently done quite a few consultations for silk wedding flowers. Many brides have booked with silk flowers instead of fresh ones, and some have even opted to mix silk and fresh flowers for their wedding!

I think we can all agree that silk flowers have come a long way, even since the early 2000s. Many people come into my shop and bring silk arrangements to the counter, and then are surprised when I confirm with them if silk is what they want. "Oh, this isn't real? It looks so real!" I do sometimes think that the silk greenery can be hit or miss - sometimes it does look very fake. But there are definitely types out there that look great!

I have started to do more and more weddings that have a mix of fresh and silk flowers. There are a few different ways to do silk and fresh mixed together. One way to do this is to have all silk flowers with fresh greenery, it makes the bouquet come to life a little bit more! Another way to do this is to have mostly fresh flowers and greens, with a few silk flowers in the mix - usually this is done when a bride would like a specific colour in her bouquet and will not settle for the fresh ones potentially being the wrong shade.

Pros of Silk:

- Flowers won't start to wilt in the heat (or freeze in the cold, if you are having a winter wedding)

- You can have a ribbon wrap that covers the whole length of the stems

- More variety of colours and flowers (seasonal blooms like tulips, freesia, hyacinth, etc.)

- Can bend in ways fresh flowers can't

- Can save the bouquet, it looks the same forever!

- Light-weight!

Pros of Fresh:

- Usually less expensive than silk (I'm talking the good silks)

- They can be pressed/preserved/repurposed, rather than keeping a whole bouquet

- Heavily scented flowers are available - peony, garden roses, lilies, which can provide positive memories for years to come!

- The babies breath looks better

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