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Perfectly pink bridal bouquet

Light pink bridal bouquet, 19 roses

This gorgeous bridal bouquet contains so many things, but has a simple charm to it!

The bouquet has 19 roses, 5 spray roses, seeded eucalyptus, willow eucalyptus, Italian ruscus, and green amaranthus.

The mother-of-the-bride brought us many beautiful photos for inspiration, but requested this lovely light pink rose.

We were all so excited to do this wedding - but the bouquet weighed a ton! It's just flowers though, it shouldn't be so heavy. Well, once we get all the wire and tape into the bouquet, it starts to weigh quite a bit!

In this wedding, there were four bridesmaids! There were so many roses, I could barely believe it, not to mention all the boutonnieres and corsages that went along with it(About 10 total!). There were two small bouquets for the flowers girls as well. This wedding took up our whole back cooler, which is not very big at all.

We are so happy to say that we got amazing feedback from the Mother of the Bride, she told us that everyone at the wedding loved the flowers, and was asking where they came from!

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