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Non-Woven Paper Bouquets

The photo to the left is a new style of bouquet we have started to offer, by popular demand! Click on the image to order yours today! We had so many of you amazing customers coming in and asking for this style of bouquet - specifically the pink non-woven paper. It has recently been trending on social media world-wide. We took this opportunity to do some research on what this paper was.

First I tried to replicate this look with tissue paper (I had wrongly assumed it was tissue paper, as it looks so similar!). Tissue paper did not have the strength to stay up the way this paper does. I knew this wasn't what I was looking at, so I started searching online for what this strange item may be!

I ended up walking through my local floral wholesale, and was looking at different sleeves and wrappings for bouquets, and saw these squares of something in packages of 100 sheets. I noted that they came in pale pink, and a normal pink. They were so new that no label had been placed above them, and I had no idea what the pricing was. I checked on their website later, and found it in their wrapping supplies! I now had the name of the item I had been searching for.

Next time I placed an order with that wholesale, I made sure to order a package of this to try out, I started with the standard pink. Pink is a super popular colour with flowers! I took it out of the packaging and noticed that it almost feels like a fabric, and looks similar to a fabric as well. I was so excited to use this new wrapping and make some really fantastic looking bouquets!

I had no idea how to use these, so I started to fold the paper, I cut it, I creased it. I went through more than 10 sheets but couldn't get it to look right. I watched some videos, I read some tutorials. I then tried again with very gentle folds, and didn't crease it. This had the best result for sure! I find that it usually takes me 4-7 sheets, depending on the size of the bouquet.

Purple and white have now arrived in the store, and I can't wait to start using those colours too!

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
01 de out. de 2023

Amazing photo of flowers! They are so colorful and picturesque that they remind me of artwork. At the same time, they also evoke associations with surgery pictures due to their intensity and detail. This photograph seems to combine beauty and a sense of mystery.

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