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My Favourite Season - Fall

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Fall is by far my favourite season - the pumpkins, cozy sweaters, the colours, the leaves, boots and Halloween! This year the colours seem to be changing a bit early. I am ready to pull out my ceramic pumpkins now! I have already pulled the faux leaves out and put them in the front windows. I have started to fill the floor of the store with fall silks, and the fresh flowers are slowly starting to come in the golden shades I remember fondly!

Halloween is my favourite holiday, and you will definitely find me dressed up if you come in on the 31st! I will have the store decorated with some spooky things, but not too too many. I will have a small selection of Halloween arrangements with spiders and ghosts in them available the week of Halloween!

Last week, I had someone ask me if I do centrepieces or arrangements for Thanksgiving. The answer is of course I do! Here in Canada, Thanksgiving is happening on October 9th. I love making Thanksgiving arrangements - so many pretty fall colours to include! From High & Magic Roses (shown in centrepiece photo) to rusty coloured chrysanthemums there is something for all fall flavors. Peach carnations, roses and chrysanthemums are increasing in popularity in recent years. I love including preserved wheat, bunny tails (aka lagarus, not a real bunny tail!), congo grass, pampas grass and plume reeds. Eucalyptus is usually among the greenery I use in fresh arrangements, as well as different types of fern.

Sunflowers are the top choice for Thanksgiving centrepieces. They remind people of the fall and now come in an adorable mini variety! They also come in a tinted orange and there are some other varieties that have been bred to have tinted leaves and variegated leaves.

So, what is your favourite fall flower?

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