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Keep Your Flowers Alive Longer

When you buy (or receive!) a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you get a packet to add to the water to keep the blooms looking fresh longer. But if longevity is key, there are a few other tricks you can use to make sure you get as many droop-free days out of your flowers as possible!

Choose flowers that last

There are many factors that affect how long your blooms will last. Starting with a hardier flower can help. Carnations and chrysanthemums (a great fall flower!) are both long lasting choices. With many textures, and a variety of colours, you can make a beautiful bouquet that lasts for days.

Pick the right vase

Tall flowers in a short vase is a great way to make your blooms look droopy, or even break. But you also don’t want to drown your blooms in a vase too tall, crowd them in a vase too narrow, or make them look sparse and dull in an opening too wide. Having a selection of vases to accommodate your bouquet is the best way to make sure your flowers last and look their best. Whichever vessel you choose, make sure you clean it thoroughly – residual bacteria can cause your flowers to decay.

Cut your stems

Cutting the stems of your bouquet a second time when you get home not only helps you manage their height for your vase, but it also allows them to absorb water faster and better. Using a sharp knife is best, as it creates clean, sharp edges and doesn’t damage the vessels in the stem that transport the water to where it’s needed. Cut the stems underwater and at a slight angle, about 1-2 inches above the former cut.

Keep it clean

Remove extra plant material from the water regularly and give the stems a trim after a couple of days. Leaves, petals and excess organic material that is left in the water can make it easier for bacteria to grow. This limits the life of your flowers. The packet that you may receive with your flowers is also important to use – it not only adds food for the flowers but helps eliminate bacteria. After a few days, you can somewhat replicate the effects of the floral food by mixing two tablespoons of sugar with water. Clean the vase, trim the stems, and add the water mixture and flowers back into the vase for longer lasting blooms.

Helping your flowers last longer means you get to enjoy them even more, which is a good thing. But keep in mind – fresh flowers aren’t meant to last forever. Appreciate your blooms while you have them. And then enjoy the next bouquet!

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