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In Season Flowers

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

If you are looking to buy flowers right now, it can be helpful to know what is in season. This can mean it is procured more locally, and often this means it is more likely to be available (and perhaps even more cost-effective). Here are some (by no means all) of the beautiful flowers that are currently in season.


Although there are 26 varieties of wild orchids that grow in Alberta, the ones you buy in an arrangement probably weren’t grown locally. However, this is still a great time for them – orchids stand up well to the summer heat. The Petite Pinks and Purples bouquet is a great summer bouquet for someone special (including you!).

Gerbera Daisies

Gerberas have a long growing season, and right now is smack in the middle of the season. They are the perfect sunny summer flower, come in a variety of colours, and last a long time in the right conditions. They also go well with many other flowers, so it’s easy to make the perfect arrangement for any taste (though they also look great on their own!).


If you love hydrangeas, now is the time to enjoy them. Whether you love the classic white, or any of the beautiful dyed versions, hydrangeas are both delicate and bold. They look great in a mixed bouquet (like this one with a pale blue hydrangea) or on their own.


It’s right there in the name – the sunny summer season is the perfect time to enjoy sunflowers. They add warmth and sunshine to any arrangement. However, they don’t last terribly long, so plan to do some adjustments to your arrangement in a few days if you have your heart set on these beautiful blooms.


Although this category of flower includes a wide variety of blooms, July tends to be prime time for many lilies, like the calla and Peruvian lilies. Lilies can be quite fragrant, so you should know if the recipient can tolerate the smell before you give them (or choose varieties with low scent, like Asiatic lilies).

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