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How to Keep Your Fresh Arrangement Fresher, Longer

Have you received a fresh flower arrangement and been disappointed when it didn't last as long as you expected? Keep reading to get some tips on how to keep it fresher longer! Don't forget - arrangements are not all the same. Some are in clear glass vases, some are in colored glass vases, and some are in containers with floral foam.

Fresh orchids and stocks in cube vase
Fresh Arrangement in Floral Foam

First, let's talk about floral foam and how it works. It is typically a green block, but the color can vary. There are two types of foam available (to my knowledge), regular floral foam and instant floral foam. If you are using regular, I recommend poking some small holes to assist in water absorption. However, your florist should have done this for you already! The floral foam absorbs the water, similar to the way a sponge would. It ensures that the stems get water, even if they are higher up in the container.

Now that you know about floral foam, you can easily touch the top of the foam and see if it is wet or dry and add water accordingly. There are certain containers that you can see the stems in, so you know when the water is getting lower. Always top up the water in the vase, even if the vase is mostly full. Some stems are shorter and will need the water to keep them fresh.

Change the water weekly! Flowers do start to grow mould while in water, that is just how it is. At the shop we clean all of our buckets of flowers weekly to ensure the stems are clean, have fresh cuts and are in fresh water. When you are at home, all you have to do is pour the water out of the container (while holding the flowers in the vase, depending on how it is made) and put fresh tap water in - room temperature! If you put cold water it can shock the flowers that have been sitting at room temperature, if you put hot water it cuts the lifespan of the flowers because it forces them to open. Add more flower food to the water if you have any extra around when you change the water. Unfortunately when flowers are pre-arranged, it is very difficult to give the stems a fresh cut, unless you are looking to pull each single stem out and re-cut them!

Keep away from sources of heat or cold, similar to the tip on the water temperature, flowers don't need to be right next to a window in the winter or beside the stove while you are boiling water. The best places to keep flowers are in the living room, dining room or even in the bedroom.

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