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Graduation Flowers

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Spring is a time for graduation ceremonies. With COVID, ceremonies don’t include as much in-person pomp and circumstance. However, if you know someone graduating from MacEwan (ceremony on July 12th) or the University of Alberta (ceremony on June 25th), or one of the high schools in the Edmonton area, you can still celebrate their hard work. With flowers, of course!


Depending on the restrictions when graduation happens, some graduates are still able to attend small and safe outdoor ceremonies. If they still want to get all dressed up and celebrate in style, a boutonniere or corsage is the classic way to finish an outfit. Something simple, like a single orchid or a rose is a classic choice. Consider the colour of outfits and personal style when selecting adorning flowers. Of course, not all flowers lend themselves well to becoming a corsage or boutonniere, so ask your trusted florist for help.

Send a bouquet

Maybe you simply want to pick flowers that conform to the graduates personal preference. Or, maybe you want to celebrate school spirit by choosing the school’s colours as a theme. If they are graduating from U of A, gold/yellow and green make a beautiful bouquet, like our White & Yellow Wishes bouquet. If they are graduating from MacEwan, black and maroon flowers make a striking statement (or roses will do in a pinch).

Roses, carnations, or a flower that represents spring are also great choices for a new graduate.

Send a plant

When starting a new adventure, especially after graduating from University, money is always appreciated. Why not give them a money tree (and maybe some actual cash in the accompanying card) to help them get started in their new life? Money trees are braided during growth, are beautiful, and symbolize prosperity; something every new graduate wants. They need bright, indirect (even fluorescent) light and plenty of water, but are otherwise easy enough to care for.

Graduation ceremonies might not be as celebratory as they once were, but that doesn’t mean the event doesn’t deserve proper recognition. Give your favourite graduate the special gift of flowers to help commemorate their hard work.

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