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Graduation 2023

After some quick internet searches, I found many sources (including, but not limited to! Seventeen, David's Bridal and Sherri Hill showing the following as trends for 2023 grad!

  • Lace

  • Tulle

  • Ruffles

  • Shimmer

Why do I care about grad 2023 trends? Because I need to be sure I can make a beautiful corsage to complement YOUR dress!

I always recommend choosing a ribbon to match your dress colour - not a flower to match the colour! As flowers are grown and are naturally whatever colour they are, I cannot guarantee a pink rose will always match your dress. I CAN guarantee whatever ribbon you have chosen will be the colour you have picked! When it comes to the flowers, you can never go wrong with white - it goes with basically everything.

Hey, wait! What about the boutonnieres for the rest of us? You're right! For a boutonniere, I always recommend you match your date - if your date has a white rose corsage, you should have a white rose boutonniere. Going solo or 'with the boys'? You can't go wrong with a red rose!

Check out the small gallery below to see some options that you may want to wear to your grad this year!

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