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Funeral Flowers - Home or Service

Have you ever wondered what is appropriate to send someone for sympathy? Do you know whether you are sending to the home or the service? Keep reading to find out some great tips on what to send, and where!

When you are sending funeral flowers it can be difficult to decide what you are looking to send. Most florists offer several options, in several colours, at several price points. Some cultures have different norms, but these are a great way to start off if you are unsure of what to send.

White flowers - If you are looking for a traditional, true expression of sympathy and grieving, pick out flowers that are all white.

Colourful flowers - If you are wanting to lift the spirits of the person receiving the flowers, choose something bright and colourful! Every time they look at the flowers, they will be reminded of their loved one.

Below are examples of a very similar arrangement, but with a very different feel due to colour. The arrangement on the left is bright and colourful, where the arrangement on the right is mostly white, with a hint of blue. The common themes in both arrangements are where the flowers are placed, and what type of flowers are in it, as well as the crystal Teleflora cross. Lilies, carnations, and gerbera daisies can be seen in the same places in both arrangements, but each arrangement has a very different feel to it.

Why should you send something different for sympathy depending on whether it is going to a home or a funeral service?

If you send something very large to a home, it may take up a lot of space in their home, and they are likely receiving many flower arrangements and bouquets from family and friends. Something smaller is best, whether it is low and all around, or tall and thin to go against a wall. This ensures there is lots of room for many arrangements to be placed around the home. On the flip side of this, large arrangements are perfect for funeral homes, as the funeral homes have pedestals and stands that they bring out for flowers to be placed on and be visible throughout the service. A smaller arrangement at a service may get lost with the large wreaths, sprays and tall arrangements that will be placed around the rooms.

White and blue funeral flower spray
Funeral Spray

Lilies, large chrysanthemums and carnations in a vase
Arrangement for the Home

Is there a wrong arrangement to send for sympathy? Of course not! If you know that the person who passed (or the person receiving) was a big fan of pink roses, by all means send a bouquet of pink roses! When you are unsure, mostly white with a hint of colour is a great choice, such as the arrangement above on the right.

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