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Flower Spotlight: Blue Dendrobium Orchids

When blue dendrobium orchids arrive in the store, they do not stay around for long! These orchids are naturally purple and are tinted with blue to get this look. They are one of many varieties of orchids, and not many people are familiar with them. When a customer comes in and sees them in the cooler, they almost always buy them - unless they were in looking for a specific flower.

To the right you can see a cascade style bridal bouquet I created for a bride last summer. This bouquet is quite striking, and the roses are placed BEFORE the orchids, as the orchids are many small blooms going up a large stem. Roses are one large bloom at the top of the stem. These orchids are a very popular flower to use in cascade bouquets. While I am focusing on the blue ones for this blog post, I have done many weddings with many colors of these orchids - purple, white, peach and pink!

Okay, I get it...not everyone is getting married. While I love to do wedding flowers and brides bouquets, I still love every aspect of my job, and can create other things with these beautiful, blue blooms. To the left there is a single stem of this eye-catching flower in a thin vase. Rocks on the bottom ensure the orchids stays where I have placed it and do not wobble around. For this arrangement, I added some silver design wire to bring some interest to the design without taking away from the orchids, which are definitely the star of the show here!

Okay, that was cool, but what if I want more than just one stem?

Not a problem! Of course I am capable of making more than one design with these blue orchids. How do you feel about cube arrangements? I am honestly a BIG fan of cube arrangements. They are not large, but they do have quite the unique style to them. A big plus is you know they have been arranged by a florist and not just cut and placed into a vase. This style of design was taught to me by the lady who was a second generation florist, and sparked my interest in the floral industry! It is a one sided arrangement, which means the flowers can only be viewed from one side. The back is just greenery, as this arrangement is meant to be placed against a wall. It is not well suited for the middle of a table!

This last example is also a cube arrangement! In this one I paired a red cube with red roses, and used the blue orchids to accent the red of the roses. The two colors are quite striking, and are even more so when they are together!

Do you have any ideas for what you might be able to create out of blue orchids? I would love to hear from you!

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