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Flower Delivery - Edmonton & Area

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

I recently had someone ask me if they could send flowers to their wife at work. Of course they can! The question was not if we deliver flowers, but if we can deliver them to a workplace. They were asking if the workplace would be upset if she received flowers during her work day. I had never really thought about this question before. But it did make me think about if all work places would accept a flower delivery. I know that we have sent to some different types of workplaces than expected before - the most off the beaten path workplace I have sent flowers to before was actually to a staff member at a jail!

So, I started to think... are there are workplaces that would NOT want flowers delivered? I have not looked into it yet, however, I can tell you where we can make a flower delivery! We can make a flower delivery within the city limits of Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park. Almost any office business is a breeze to deliver to - think law offices, accounting firms, government offices, banks. Retail businesses are easy to deliver flowers to as well, most being clothing stores and small businesses. Other work places I am unsure how to categorize would include schools, restaurants, care facilities, gyms and warehouses. The only thing we cannot guarantee is that our driver will hand the flower delivery directly to your loved one - sometimes we cannot interrupt their work day. We can almost always find a coworker willing to pass the delivery along for us!

Wrapping a Flower Arrangement

When you are thinking of sending flowers to your loved one at work - give us a call! We would be happy to assist you in getting something sent to them, and ensure they are wrapped properly or placed in a vase (or any other type of container - we have mugs, baskets, pots and more!) to ensure they last until the end of their work day.


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