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Don't Forget About Dad

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Father’s Day is coming up, and while flowers aren’t usually people’s first choice when it comes to celebrating the dads in their lives, they love flowers too. Father’s Day is often much less celebrated than Mother’s Day, but dads deserve love and attention too. And, for many dads, that can mean flowers.

Here are some things to consider when thinking about dads and flowers.

Consider his Personality

Dads come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. Consider your dad’s personality before deciding what flowers would be best. If your dad is cheerful and sunny-dispositioned, a bouquet of sunflowers is a thoughtful gift. If your dad hates waste and will be frustrated that flowers will only last a few days, then consider a plant instead (cactuses are always fun).

Consider Roses

Of course, you want to consider your dad’s individual aesthetic when picking flowers for him. But don’t overlook red roses–they are the official flower of Father’s Day. Sonora Louise Smart Dodd first proposed Father’s Day in 1909, but the holiday wasn’t official in the US and Canada until 1972. Much like with Mother’s Day, and the carnation, the rose was suggested to help celebrate dads – red for living, white for deceased. So while red roses might seem like a flower reserved to celebrate romantic love, they are also a great choice for your favourite dad.

When in Doubt, Go Bright

Every dad is going to have different tastes when it comes to flowers (and everything else!). When it doubt, bright and tropical is often a good choice. Your dad will be so proud to display something like the Happy Thoughts bouquet as a testament to his excellent fathering.

Don’t let outdated gender norms tell you what to get your dad for Father’s Day. Dads like flowers too, and they love being appreciated.

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