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Corsage Confusion?!?

This week I wanted to write about something very relevant for the season! I have been helping many students and parents order their corsages and boutonnieres for graduation. I have noticed a ton of confusion - which is totally understandable with wearable flowers. Corsages and boutonnieres are commonly used for wedding and graduation, and sometimes at the odd milestone birthday or gala. Due to these not being very common items in anyone's vocabulary, there comes much confusion with ordering these items.

FAQ's of Corsages & Bouts:

  • What is a corsage?

  • Can I get one of those flowers on a bracelet?

  • Can I get a corsage for my son and one for his date?

  • Do I wear this for commencement on my gown?

  • Do boys and girls wear these?

  • What is the difference between a corsage and a boutonniere?

There are many more questions I get asked, but those are the top questions that come to mind. So, I will explain what each of these items are, and who typically wears each item!

A corsage is normally worn by the ladies out there, typically on the wrist for younger women, or pinned onto a dress/shirt for older women. It usually has a large ribbon in between the flowers, or a large ribbon below one large flower. A corsage has ample amounts of greenery and babies breath to dress it up. They can be on the heavier side, so large pins are used if it is a pin on corsage. For a wrist corsage, an elasticized bracelet is quite typical.

A boutonniere is typically a single flower, but can be made with 2-3 small flowers if you'd prefer. Sometimes people opt for a ribbon wrap around the bottom of the boutonniere (the stem), but it is often left with just the green tape showing.

I hope this helps with your corsage and boutonniere orders going forward!

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