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Business Milestone - Over 100 Weddings Booked!

WOW! Can I just start with that and really take it in?

I started my business at 20 years old in 2017. Now I am 26 and have achieved many things I never dreamed even possible. But this milestone is a shock to me - I have booked over 100 weddings! That is BOOKED, not DONE. About 15 of these are still to come over this summer and fall, but to me this is a huge number an an accomplishment I couldn't be more proud of.

I of course firstly want to thank all the brides who have trusted me with your florals - whether it was simply a brides bouquet and a boutonniere to match or 20 centerpieces with arch flowers, 7 bridesmaids & groomsmen, corsages and boutonnieres for parents and pew markers. Thank you all so much! That is kind of a scary thing to me, to trust someone with one of the biggest events you will have in your life. Something many girls spend years dreaming of and months planning out.

I also want to thank the friends, family and of course employees who helped make this all possible! When I first started I was driving a PT Cruiser that was only 2 doors and didn't have a ton of space, so I often borrowed SUV's and Mini Vans from older family members for larger wedding deliveries. I have had friends drive me when I couldn't because I fell and tore muscles in my wrist, as well as the employees who completed these flowers when I could not!

There are many many stories of things that could have gone wrong for weddings, and I am sure you all know your fair share of these stores! I am only going to share a couple, for the sake of you not reading for twenty minutes about weddings. My most recent memorable story was when the bucket of bouquets for the bridesmaids tipped as I opened the door of the SUV. You bet I am that girl that will throw myself under the water for those bouquets! Each bouquet was caught by a hand, arm, or leg - anything to ensure the flowers didn't hit the cement and get damaged. I then walked up to the door covered in water, but with 4 beautiful bouquets intact in a bucket. I handed them to the father of the bride and told him that more water should be put in the bucket as there was an accident.

I had a friend walk down Whyte Ave to get to a venue with me when there was no good parking spots - we made about 4 trips from the car to the venue with VERY heavy centerpieces and arch flowers full of water. There is also the help from my mum when I needed a wedding delivered but had to be at the shop, or had prior plans and couldn't do the delivery. She has made many trips to different venues for me! My younger brother has also been a huge help! He cleaned roses for me, filled buckets, and cut up greenery and wire for me to use.

Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your special day and for the amount of trust you put into me and my team!

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