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Bringing Flowers to the Hospital

You've got a loved one in the hospital and you want to bring them something to bring a bit of colour and liveliness to the room. What do you need to know?

*Hospitals in different regions may have different rules, so ensure to always check with the nursing unit!*

The first thing to find out is if your loved one is in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), most of the time they do not allow flowers (or plants!) in this unit as they can carry mould and further infection to patients in these units. The goal is to keep your loved one safe and help them get better and come back home. Some of these units will allow silk (faux) flowers to be brought in. ICU is not the only unit that does not allow fresh flowers, there are some other units for patients with compromised immune systems that may not allow flowers.

When you are choosing an arrangement to send to your loved one - size matters! Sometimes there is a private room, sometimes they are in a shared room. They will likely not have a ton of space for an arrangement, so I recommend avoiding large arrangements that take up lots of space. Send something smaller - like a cube arrangement (pictured on the left) or a bud vase that has just a few stems!

Ensure you are sending an arrangement in a container! If you send a loose bouquet to a hospital without a vase, there is likely not going to be a container to put the flowers in. Nurses are doctors are quite busy with patients care, and likely will not have the time to find a container and put the flowers in them!

I hope the above helps when you are wanting to send flowers to a loved one to brighten up their room! If you are unsure, ask your local florist or the hospital nursing station if you can bring flowers or not.

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