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Bridal Bouquet Ribbon Wraps

So, you want a unique ribbon wrap for your bridal bouquet? You're looking for something more stunning than a basic satin wrap to cover the stems. Keep reading and see what some brides I have worked with have opted for. While looking at the images below and reading for more details, don't forge that some wraps are only for silk flowers! When using fresh flowers, you do need to leave some stem sticking out at the bottom for the flowers to drink, without getting a soggy ribbon!

This first example is some pink tulle wrapped repeatedly around the stems (and to cover the floral tape we use!), with gold raffia wrapped around it 6 separate times to give the appearance of stripes. On the back of the bouquet, you can see the knots from each separate piece of raffia that was used on this bouquet. The tulle had to be wrapped around the stems multiple times because it is a very sheer and see through fabric, which would just show all of the tape underneath. Depending on the look you are going for, you can always do a white satin ribbon wrap underneath the tulle to keep the pale pink colour, without dark stems showing through.

The wrap on these SILK bouquets in the picture to the right is the exact same style as the image above, but done in different colours. This bride opted for white tulle (that has sparkles, which unfortunately didn't show well in the photos!) with a silver stripe over top. The reason these bouquets have a ribbon all the way to the bottom is that they are made of all silk flowers, so no water source is needed.

This ribbon wrap is a creative way to use lace! The bride opted for a peach satin ribbon to be wrapped underneath the lace. Her goal was to have the peach colour, but to make it look a little bit more delicate than one would normally expect.

This smaller take on a bridal bouquet has not one, but two bows with both of the ribbon colours being wrapped around the stems as well. There are also four tails coming from the bows made, creating a stunning whimsical look that is perfect for photos with a small gust of wind. As you can see, this ribbon is quite see through. This type of ribbon is called chiffon!

While these are not all of my options for ribbon wraps, these are definitely some popular ideas! If you have an idea and you don't see it here, just ask!

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