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Blooms by May is Turning Five!

On December 6th of 2017, Blooms by May opened at 9 am in Bonnie Doon Mall. We had just over 700 sq ft, and an owner with 3 years of floral experience (that's me - May!). I was 20 at the time of opening, and am now (you guessed it) 25. Shortly after opening my business, I realized that just sitting around waiting for customers was not going to work. Cold calling was not something I was interested in either. I decided in February of 2018 that I would join a business networking group, and I am so glad I did. I am now on the Regional Support Team and help others develop leadership skills, as well as teach them how to network.

Blooms by May in early 2018

In summer of 2019 we moved to a larger space in the mall, closer to the food court. We had just under 1200 sq ft of space. We were gaining traction with wedding flower orders and needed more work space, as we only had two small work counters and one counter for wrapping orders on. (To this day, October 20th, 2022, we have worked on over 80 weddings!) I love working directly with couples to customize their wedding flowers to support the vision they have for their big day. I have done orders as small as only a brides bouquet and a boutonniere for the groom. I have also had the pleasure of working in the Banff Springs Hotel to set up centerpieces, aisle markers, garlands, arch sprays and more! Every wedding order is special and requires attention to detail, a listening ear and a desire to create!

October of 2021, we moved into a strip mall on the north side of the city. We are at the same location - 12644 137 Ave NW and have been here for a year now. Something this location has that the previous locations did not have is a wedding consultation area, that is now separated from the rest of the store by a wall. Before all we had was a table with a nice tablecloth. There is more to see in our new wedding area than what is shown in the picture to the left, come check it out for yourself! Our new space has approximately 1400 square ft of space in total.

Now - a quick note on the networking group I joined. I applied in January 2018, and was accepted in February of 2018 by the membership committee. The goal of the group is to find out how you can help each other as business professionals, and how to refer business to each other. Every year each chapter gets a new leadership team, this helps to learn leadership skills. In late 2019, the incoming president of the chapter I am a part of asked if I would be on their leadership team as vice president. I was 22 - the youngest member of my chapter. I was excited for the opportunity, and accepted his offer. I had so much personal and professional growth over the year that I was on the leadership team. Shortly after my time on the leadership team was finished I received an e-mail invitation to come to an information session about the regional support team.

I had always thought that the regional support team was cool and I was interested in learning more. After the information session, I was quite interested in being a part of a team to help other people grow and learn how to educate others about their business and network. I realized that my business was still in a growth stage and I didn't have the extra time to commit. I told others that I would be happy to join, but it is not the right time for me. The response I got shocked me! "Call us when you are ready, we would be happy to have you!"

In late December of 2021, I called and said "I am ready to join the team, if you would have me." I got a response that there would be an interview, and I would be set up shortly to help other chapters in the region. I have enjoyed every moment of extra networking and interacting with others that I have received due to this opportunity. I am so happy with all of the choices that I made and all the learning curves that came along with those choices - they brought me to where I am today.

I have learned so much over the last five years, and have grown as a business owner and a florist. I often discounted myself because of my age, which I now realize is the OPPOSITE of what I should be doing. I am so happy with the business I have created, and for the relationships I have made with my customers and clients. I absolutely love doing this job every day, and creating things for people that make their visions come to reality.

Every day is different when it comes to flowers - some days we have shipments, some days are weddings, some are funerals, anniversaries, birthdays, or any other occasion where flowers are deemed appropriate! Sometimes even a small pick-me-up is best done with fresh flowers. The flowers I use are always different too, some days I have the challenge of working with orchids and other days I work with the hardy carnation. I love when customers come to me with a challenge - black roses, rose gold hydrangea, or something more unique!

I would like to thank everyone who has supported myself and my business! I appreciate every bit of knowledge I have gained from connecting with different types of people from all different walks of life. Blooms by May would not be turning five without the support of all my customers, clients, friends, family members, and other business owners!

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