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Blog Post #101 - Why I love the Floral Industry

I was thinking of what I should write about for this blog post and I noticed that I have 100 published blog posts! That makes this one post #101. While I wish I would have noticed to write a special blog for post 100, 101 and still great - just ask the dalmatians! I have already let you know that Blooms by May is turning 5 in December and I have done a post on how I started in the floral industry. This time, I am just going to talk about what I love about the industry I am in.

Each day is different! When the phone rings, or someone opens the door to my shop, I never know what they will be asking for. On the day I am writing this, we had many different customers. The first phone call was taken by my mum who works in the shop with me. It was a congratulations bouquet for someone who was going into business and having their grand opening - congratulations! Then the other line rang, which I took the phone call for. It was a friend from out of town sending a birthday bouquet to a friend who lives in Edmonton. The next person who came in needed a casket spray for a loved ones funeral on Saturday and wanted to talk about some custom options, which I was able to take care of for him. The next couple who came in wanted to know about flowers for their wedding on December 7th (only a month away!), they left with a fully customized quote for their florals. The phone rang again a little bit later for someone who wanted to send a friend a sympathy flower arrangement to their friend who lost a loved one.

I get to be creative! Just as each day is different, each order is different! Yes, sometimes we have orders that are the same as another, or bulk orders for 10 of the same thing. But, usually each order is different. Sometimes I get given a dollar value and an occasion, sometimes I am given a few different photos and my customer asks me to create something that incorporates something from all the photos. Most of the time I get a dollar value and colours or flowers that the customer would like used in the arrangement. I love when I am challenged with a new style of bouquet, or a different aspect of design to try out!

I get to make a difference in someones day! Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, wedding, funeral, get well, or even a simple "have a great day" arrangement I love the difference I can make in someones day. When a bride comes back to me and says I created her floral vision perfectly, that makes my day! She got exactly what she wanted for her wedding day and I was able to create her vision for her using my floral skills and creativity. This job is not just about skill, nor is it just about being creative - you need to combine the two! This is true of almost all occasions, I am making a difference in someones day. Making a difference in someones life is something I always wanted to be a part of, but I am very squeemish when it comes to anything medical. I also know my heart couldn't take being in counselling or therapy. This is a great way that I can still feel I am making a difference in someones life!

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