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World Smile Day!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Did you know that October 1st is World Smile Day? What better way to put a smile on someone’s face than sending them a bouquet of flowers! Here are a few reasons why you should send someone a bouquet on World Smile Day.

Smiling is healthy

Smiles have been noted to help lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and reduce overall stress. The act of smiling makes you feel better and happier, which boosts immune function and even helps with pain relief. When you help someone smile, you are giving them so much more than just a beautiful face lift – you are giving them the gift of boosted mood and health!

Flowers make you smile

In a 2005 study, a psychological study demonstrated that giving the gift of flowers – more so than a fruit basket or a candle – made people smile. The 147-woman study demonstrated that flower delivery “unanimously” produced the mark of true enjoyment – a Duchenne smile. In follow-ups, the women who received flowers were also noted to be happier than their fruit or candle counterparts, three days later. There is actual scientific evidence that flowers really do, in fact, make people smile.

What flowers make people smile the most?

This will change, depending on tastes, but typically the brighter the colour, the brighter the mood. Vibrant yellow and orange are great picks, as are striking pink and red. Mixing primary and secondary colours together creates an especially smile-inducing effect. If you prefer muted colours, go for pretty pastels, which have also been shown to lighten moods.

You could also go for something colourful that already has a smile on it, like our Be Happy Bouquet!

Smiling is good for you, and flowers make you smile. That seems like reason enough to send someone you love a bouquet on World Smile Day. And note: the person you love can be you!

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