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Flowers So Pretty You Will Want to Eat Them!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Whether you want to make a beautiful cake for a wedding or anniversary or decorate your party platters with an extra dash of beauty, edible flowers are a great way to make everything more special. However, not all flowers are suitable for eating. Today, let’s talk about our five favourite edible flowers.


Nasturtiums have wonderfully peppery leaves and flowers that taste great in a salad. while they are beautiful, their flavours lend more to savoury dishes than tasty treats like cakes. You can even make a pesto out of the petals (if you can stand to blend these beautiful blossoms). When you eat them, you’ll also get plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants for your health.


You have a variety of colours to play with when it comes to pansies. Because they have a more floral flavour, they lend themselves well as cake toppers or on sweet treats, especially when candied. But simply adding them to a salad – whether fruit or vegetable – will add a nice taste and a little pizazz to an otherwise plain dish.


They are a classic for a reason – not only are they beautiful, not only do they smell heavenly, but they also add flavour to your food and drinks. Some are stronger in flavour and require a light hand, while others are subtle and fruity and can be added more liberally. You can add them to lemonade, jelly, or use their beautiful petals on top of a dessert as decoration. Keep in mind that it’s best to remove the bitter, white portion of the petal before eating.


If you want to add a bright, peppery bite to your spice cake or your salad, look no further than the humble carnation. Even though it has historically been used to treat nervous and coronary disorders, adding a little to your food probably won’t do much but add flavour and beauty. But I think that’s enough!


Most people don’t realize that tulip petals are edible! The flavour varies between baby greens, sweet peas, and cucumbers, making a great addition to anything that needs a bit of freshness. They come in so many colours that you can brighten up a plain dish and make is something special!

What is your favourite edible flower? Let me know!

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