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What To Write On A Card

Whether you are giving flowers to your sweetheart to show your affection, or lift your friends’ spirits choosing the right words for your message on a card to accompany your flowers can be a daunting task. You want to say the right thing --from your heart, and you want it to mean something – a lot to ask of a little card. But don’t fret: we have some ideas to add your personal touch to your bouquet.

Remind them you’re thinking of them

Encouragement, congratulations, or romance – letting the recipient know that you are thinking of them is the best thing you can do. Especially in cases of bereavement or illness your message gives a wonderful sense of support without making assumptions about how they feel or what they should do. For all other occasions, people feel special to know they are on your mind.

Consider the recipient

When deciding what to say, think about who will be receiving the flowers. Do they have faith? Do they love poetry? Are they quiet and direct? Ask yourself what they would say to you in a similar circumstance . Be respectful of their needs while speaking from your heart.

Be yourself

This is a heartfelt message from you. So, If you are silly, be silly. If you are verbose, be verbose. If you speak in poetry, by all means be poetic. The more sincere the message that you write the more sincere it will be conveyed.

There is no rule for your note’s word count. Sometimes, less is more. Think about what sentiment you want to share – sympathy, congratulations, or romantic interest. Then, craft it to a simple line or a few words. Throw a heart in there. If you are worried about saying the wrong thing, short and simple is best. But don’t forget to sign your name!

Writing a note, especially in a highly emotional situation, can feel anxiety-provoking. But it doesn’t have to. The point is to express your love or affection and make it about what the other person needs, instead of focusing on yourself. if you don’t know what to say, keep it short … and, let the flowers do the talking.

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