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What Flowers To Send For Different Occasions: Part Two

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

It can be challenging to pick just the right bouquet for someone you love. Depending on the occasion, you might choose very different things. Last week, we talked about some ideas of what kinds of flowers to send when you are wishing someone a speedy recovery, offering sympathy, or celebrating a new baby. But we missed some terribly important occasions, like Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner. So, let’s keep talking about picking the right arrangement for some important life events or holidays.

Valentine’s Day

Like I mentioned, Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. If fresh flowers are a thing that your partner or other loved one would appreciate, it’s a great time to score some points. Of course, you can go with simple red roses, a Valentine’s classic (that’s a classic for a reason). We have a few options for roses, including this arrangement of 25 roses that would be sure to impress. But that isn’t your only option. Carnations are long-lasting (like your love!) but can also be a great choice for a relationship in its early stages (much less pressure than roses!)

25 Red Roses in Vase

Alstroemeria are also long-lasting, and represent devotion, so if that’s the message you want to send, these delicate blooms can fill out a beautiful bouquet quite nicely. And if you love someone with simple tastes, why not stick with a bouquet of tulips? They are affordable, hardy and have historically represented “perfect love”.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Celebrating your beloved parents (or any parent, really) on these days is a great reminder that their job is incredibly valuable, and that you appreciate the work they are doing to raise their children. A floral bouquet is a great way to help them celebrate.

Something bright and cheerful is a great option, like Lovely Lilies bouquet. But if this is a thank you to your own parent, this is a time to put a little extra thought into the choice. Consider their favourite flower or colour. Start asking sly questions now so they don’t suspect anything. Think about what they like and find flowers to best represent them. Are they simple and hard-working? Maybe sunflowers or daisies is a good choice. Have they instilled in you a sense of style? Orchids are a wonderful choice. Have they perfected a hands-off, low maintenance parenting style? Celebrate with carnations. Whatever you choose, it should reflect why you are celebrating them on this day.

Lovely Lillies


Anniversaries can be celebrated for just about anything you want – the anniversary of your first date, your wedding, or even your new job. For romantic anniversaries, there are traditional flowers that are given. On the first anniversary, it is customary to give carnations; cosmos (or lilies of the valley, depending on where you look) are sent on the second. Sunflowers, geraniums/hydrangeas, and daisies come on the third, fourth and fifth, respectively. Daffodils are for the 10th anniversary, roses for the 15th, asters for the 20th, lilies for the 30th, and gladiolas for the 40th.

But that doesn’t mean that’s what you have to send. Like for Mother’ Day and Father’s Day, the best choice is to consider what flowers or even colours your partner most loves. Ask questions, think about past bouquets they have received and enjoyed, or look back at your wedding photos and replicate the arrangements there.

When in doubt, roses are always a good choice, especially when paired with a striking orchid like in our Rosey Orchids bouquet. Because roses are so ubiquitous on romantic holidays, adding an orchid makes it stand out as an original, just like your love.

Rosey Orchids

Although we didn’t hit on every occasion for flowers (like birthdays, and Tuesdays!), hopefully this has given you some ideas on how you can delight or comfort someone in a truly thoughtful way.

What’s your favourite occasion to send flowers?

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