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The Pantone Colours of 2021

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

If you hadn’t heard, Pantone announced 2021’s colour of the year and it’s – two colours! A cheerful yellow called Illuminating, that is meant to bring a little hope and vivacity into our world (a thing we need more of); and a pale grey (Ultimate Grey) that is meant to add a little dependability (a thing we definitely need more of in a year!).

Photo Credit: Pantone

So, what does this mean for flowers?

These colours will surely show up a lot in home décor, and with that, so too goes floral arrangements. Of course, you should always pick flowers based on what is appropriate and joyful for you (not Pantone), but if you did want to follow the trends, I have a few tips:

Emphasize the yellow

This shade of yellow is a florist’s dream. So many beautiful blooms rock this optimistic shade – think daffodils, sunflowers, yellow roses, gerbera daisies (or even that pop of yellow in the center of a regular daisy!). The options are almost endless. In winter, having a bouquet of these sunny flowers will keep you going when the sun is less reliable. And spring? Yellow absolutely bursts with that “new life” energy, as yellow tulips and narcissus burst through the barren ground. Simple bouquets of yellow craspedia and daisies are perfect for summer, and you can easily deepen your shades come autumn.

Fill in with grey

You can easily highlight the yellows in your arrangements with a few well-placed greys. Think the silvery blues of eucalyptus, for example, or the pale pewter of Iris Florentina. Lamb’s ear will help fill out a bouquet with its delicate grey leaves, or you can go more exotic with Moon Carrots or Silver Brunia. And as always, roses make everything beautiful, and the Earl Grey roses will add class and beauty to any yellow arrangement. Even using a grey vase with a yellow bouquet is a great way to incorporate the colour trend.

They don’t have to go together

Greys and silvers look really stunning with white flowers in an almost-monochromatic look that is incredibly chic. Pale pinks or other pastel-coloured blooms would also look striking in a bouquet featuring Ultimate Grey blooms.

Yellow is easily adaptable to the season – offset with green foliage and some white, it looks very spring-like. Paired with jewel-toned purples and oranges, and it screams fall. It can be as simple as small vase of tulips, or it can be showcased in a larger bouquet like our Garden Brights.

However you choose to use these 2021 trending colours, make sure you are picking flowers that make you feel good. That is, after all, the whole point.

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