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The Crown: Favourite Flowers of the Royals

If you are interested in what’s hot on TV -- the royal family, or pop culture in general -- you’ll probably already know Netflix show, The Crown, is back for a fourth bingeable season. Flower lovers will notice the abundance of beautiful blooms on the sets, inspiration for which comes from the real palace. Although the costumes in the show get more attention, interestingly, there is one person whose whole job is to design the elaborate arrangements on set.

Because flowers are so important to the look and feel of the show (and the people and places that the show is based upon), I thought it might be fun to talk about the favourite flower of three of the members of the royal family, and three of the most important figures in this season of The Crown.

Queen Elizabeth – Lily of the Valley

A classic, simple and beautiful flower, the Queen carried a bouquet of these on her coronation. Said to have sprang from Eve’s tears when she was expelled from the Garden of Eden, these are a favourite among brides and are said to luck in love. Shockingly, they actually belong to the asparagus family and as anyone who watched another epic series, Breaking Bad, will tell you, can be poisonous when ingested.

Prince Charles – Delphinium

Delphinium, a tall, vibrant perennial favourite among gardeners and florists alike, thrive in cold, moist climates, like the mountainous tropics (doesn’t it feel weird to see those words together?) of Africa. The flower gets its name from the Greek word for dolphin, as the flowers are thought to be shaped like the mammal. In England, where Charles obviously lives, the flower is usually called Larkspur, or aptly The Queen of the Border. Delphinium are also poisonous when consumed.

Princess Diana – Forget-me-nots

Though she had a special place in her heart for white flowers, forget-me-nots were reportedly her favourite bloom. When Meghan and Prince Harry were married, the wedding bouquet included this flower as a nod to the missing Princess. The name of these flowers comes from a few sad German tales of eternal love, making it a lovely flower to use when promising to love someone forever. It is also poisonous, following a concerning pattern in this list!

The forget-me-not, though blue, can transition to pink.

The royal family, just like the rest of us, have an abiding appreciation for flowers. When you are watching The Crown, make sure to keep an eye out for all of the beautiful flowers showcased on set.

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