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Low Maintenance Plants

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Looking to add some plants to your home to liven up the space, but you don't exactly have a “green thumb”?

Don't worry! We've got you covered!

Here are some of the most low-maintenance plants you can find that almost anyone can keep alive.

Snake Plants

If you need a hands-off, high-survival bit of greenery, a snake plant is a great place to start. While they don’t need much light, they can handle quite a bit, making them a great pick for most rooms in the house. And if you are a forgetful waterer, you’ll get along great with snake plants – they like being dry between watering and can live up to a month without! They are also excellent air purifiers, and beautiful to boot!


If you want something trailing to hang high, look no further than a beautiful pothos plant. Whether it’s a space with low light or a space with bright light, this plant will do just fine. They’ll keep growing and you can continue to root them for more plants, or a fuller plant. While they are tolerant of dryness, you want to be a bit more careful than you would with a snake plant, or their leaves will wilt and fall off.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are another hard-to-kill plant that will make your space greener. While they can handle lower light, they definitely prefer brighter spots – even if it is fluorescent office lighting! You should water it weekly, but it won’t mind missed waterings here and there. Spider plants will continue to grow little baby shoots all over, so you only need to buy one (when the babies form roots, you can cut them off and replant them).

Chinese Evergreens

Just a little bit of light and a small amount of water will keep this beautiful plant, with its painted leaves, happy. As long as you don’t keep it wet for an extended period or expose it to long periods of drafts or cold temperatures, this plant should be pretty hard to kill. It’s also a great air-purifier.

Peace Lilies

Whether they are simply green or blooming their white flowers, Peace Lilies are beautiful and easy to care for – especially if you are the kind to kill cacti because of your zealous overwatering! Warm and humid are this plant’s optimum conditions, with enough light to bloom the flowers. But it is going to survive in most conditions. If you forget to water, it’s droopy leaves with remind you, and it will forgive!

Caution! These plants are toxic to our feline friends and may not be the best houseplant if you own a cat.

There are many plants that live well alongside the most negligent among us, but these five are a great place to start. What’s your favourite low-maintenance plant?

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