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Five Flower Trends For 2021

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

One of the most wonderful things about flowers is that you can’t really love flowers “wrong” - there is something for every taste and they never go out of style. All that being said, there are still overall trends in flowers, as with everything. Let’s talk 2021 flower trends.


From the Netherlands, horticultural trend experts are predicting a strong “human” trend in flowers – lots of soft, round shapes; skin tones for floral colours; and generally calm, reassuring floral bouquets (like a good friend coming over for coffee and a chat, a thing that will hopefully happen again soon!)


There is a strong trend towards greener bouquets, both in terms of focusing on foliage, and in terms of sustainability. Whether it is the colour or the movement you are looking for, green is going to be very in for 2021. Think grasses, dried flowers (dry is going to be big in 2021), lots of leaves and repurposed containers.

Smaller weddings

By necessity, weddings have been smaller this year, or even virtual. This means less money is spent on food and travel, and more can be spent on flowers! Alternatively, sweet and simple with more savings is also popular. The trend will continue in 2021 – it will be exciting to see what spring bridal season brings!

Less is More

Speaking of paring things back, it won’t just be weddings that will be simpler in 2021. Much as the minimalism trend caught on in our closets and drawers a few years back, simple, earthy, and sustainable flower designs are going to be “big” this year.


As I talked about in last week’s blog, yellow is a big colour for 2021. It’s been a rough start to this decade, and we could all use a little more sunshine in our lives and in our living rooms! Craspedia, for instance, with it’s sunny shade and shape, makes a wonderful simple bouquet, or can be added to other bright colours or some simple whites for a cheery arrangement.

Trends are a fun thing to watch, but they shouldn’t dictate your preferences. No matter what the designers are doing in 2021, make sure your favourite flowers are part of your year. We promise – your home will be all the happier for it, trendy or not.

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