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Best Smelling Bouquets

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Flowers are undoubtedly a visual treat – they are colourful, texturally pleasing, and make your space look vibrant and full of life. However, there are some flowers that are enjoyed not just for the way they look, but for the way they smell. If you are looking for a bouquet that will fill your space with more than just visual appeal, look no further than these popular blooms.


Although most of the cut roses we use today don’t have much a scent (they are bred instead to last longer), many will still impart a lovely scent. If you really want to smell your roses, you should choose heirloom and garden roses, which have a wonderfully sweet, yet fresh aroma. Unfortunately, the more aroma there is, the quicker the decomposition when cut. So don’t be disappointed when you don’t get the same smell as you might from the garden.


The peony is a bold and stunning flower, with a lovely scent that ranges from rosy to citrusy to spicy. There are peony varieties that are in season in spring and early to-mid-summer (and for a price in off-season), and they are a popular choice for weddings. But no need to wait for a special occasion to enjoy these - a bouquet in your house in the summer will definitely make the space smell (and look) amazing.


These exotic looking blooms come in a wide range of shapes and colours, and a wide range of smells. Some are completely scentless, but others will fill a room with a heady aroma. You can get a tropical, honeyed aroma with a Stargazer Lily, or a subtle sweet smell with a Sonata Lily. Both the Stargazer and Sonata Lily are in the Oriental Lily Family. Ask your florist for guidance if you want to choose lilies that give off a scent (or lilies that don’t-such as the Asiatic Lily which is generally scent-free).


Anxious for spring to arrive? You can bring the unmistakeable smell of the season into your home by adding some freesia to your bouquet. Their smell has been described as a blend of honey, mint, and strawberry. Others experience it as soapy, woody, citrusy, or peppery. However you perceive the scent, if you are looking for a bloom with an aroma, freesia is a great choice.


There is a reason that gardenia tends to top perfumer’s choice of scents – it is a classic. Not only is this white flower romantic and elegant looking, but the smell will make your home seem even more sophisticated. Unless, of course, you find it overwhelming, which many do. Gardenia (especally ones with the stem) can be tricky to find in Canada, so keep that in mind!


Similar in scent to lavender, but more floral and a little sweeter (and perhaps spicier), the hyacinth is a great smell to put in a bedroom. Hyacinths are also great to add height to a dramatic or rustic bouquet. And the wonderful scent is a sweet bonus.


Jasmine is popular worldwide for various ceremonies, and its heady scent will often fill taxis and shops in places like Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Syria. The small white bloom can be lovely as a boutonniere or in a small, all-white wedding bouquet. Jasmine can be challenging to find, so one of the other blooms mentioned above might be a better option.

Not everyone wants their flowers to smell. Scent allergies are more and more common, so be careful who you send scented flowers to (and keep them out of hospitals). But if you like a good strong scent, these flowers a great place to start when choosing a bouquet.

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