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Best Flowers for Drying

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

One of the expected floral trends for 2021 is dried flowers. When arranged correctly, dried flowers can be beautiful, long lasting, and incredibly low maintenance (though they can gather some dust, so don’t completely ignore them!). Whether you want to dry flowers for sentimental reasons or for aesthetic ones, there are certain flowers that handle drying better than others. You can arrange any of these flowers with dried grasses, eucalyptus, and poppy pods for a bouquet that will last for years.


Hydrangeas are especially easy to dry because the drying process involves simply hanging them upside down to keep their full, and bulky look. You can also dry hydrangeas by leaving them upright in a vase, but this may result in shrinkage. They will pale as they dehydrate, but you can dry them in silicon gel if you want a more vibrant colour.


Despite being a delicate looking bloom, this beautiful flower stands up very well to drying. It ends up looking almost antique, and makes a gorgeous bouquet with dried grasses, or alone in a small vase. After you have enjoyed this flower fresh for a few days, you can hang it upside down to dry. It will mute in colour but won’t wilt substantially.


This flower is perfect for drying. It makes a lovely filler flower in fresh or dried (or mixed!) bouquets and comes in a variety of colours. Like hydrangeas, you need minimal effort to dry this bloom – just let it do so naturally, without water (though you can hang to dry, if you want to rush the process).


When you want to add colour and height to a dried bouquet, larkspur is a fantastic choice. They dry easily and keep most of their vibrant colour – just strip off the leaves and hang them to dry for a few weeks in a well-ventilated area.


In terms of dried flowers, strawflowers are one of the gold standards. They come in many colours, and drying retains almost all of the vibrancy. This makes them ideal to use in a dried bouquet that you don’t want to look too “old” and washed out. Hang these flowers upside down for two or three weeks and you will be able to enjoy them for as long as you like.

Dried flowers can definitely look dated. But if you choose the right flowers and filler, or keep it simple, you can have a truly lovely bouquet.

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