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Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

When looking at centrepieces for your wedding, there are many things to consider! The first thing most people look at is budget - do you have a limit on how much you want to spend? The second thing after you look at budget, is your ideal look. Are you going for rustic, romantic, or flair? The look you go for can definitely have an effect on your budget as well - if you want something simple (like a bud vase with 1 flower) your price will be a lot lower than someone looking for 1 dozen roses in a tall vase.


If rustic and romance are your theme, look no further than a mason jar! The photo to the left has ranunculus, pittosporum, and seeded eucalyptus. Combine all of these wonderful flowers, pop them into a petite mason jar, and tie a white ribbon around it to complete your look! This centrepiece would be for someone with a bit of a higher budget, coming in at a minimum of $90 per centrepiece. Are you on a budget? You can do something very similar with carnations instead - $45 would be the starting price for this idea.


Are you going for elegant and impressive? Choose a rose gold, silver, or gold compote container! Fill this container to the brim with hydrangea, roses, and spray roses to match your colour scheme. Add eucalyptus for greenery to ensure it looks expensive! A centrepiece similar to the photo on the left would start around $165 per centrepiece. If you are looking for this elegance, but it is slightly out of your price range, look into renting the containers from your local florist, or event rental vendor!


If you are on a budget, and trying to stick within it, try a bowl arrangement! The photo to the left shows a gerbera daisy, which comes in a variety of colours - from white to red. You can also use a rose, or a single orchid to get a similar look if you are looking for something a little fancier than a large daisy. A little bit of greenery, such as a grass or a chunky green like salal can add to the overall look! A bowl arrangement usually starts around $15. If you are okay spending a bit more, you can double your roses or orchids to up the arrangement slightly.


Are you looking for something filled with flowers, but not too large for the table? Try a cube centrepiece! The photo to the right shows many colours, and has more than 2 types of greenery in it. The cube is 4", making it a perfect size to go in the centre of the table. Customize it your way - not a fan of bright colours? Ask for a similar look, but let us know your colours! The option shown here starts at $52. The price can go up or down, depending on what look you are going for.

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