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Three Ways To Add Flowers To Your Halloween Decorations

Halloween is fast approaching, and although many things have changed in 2020, the need to celebrate isn’t one of them. Decorating for a holiday is still a fun thing to do, even if you don’t have the same freedoms as past Halloweens. Let’s talk about how to add some flowers to your Halloween decorations.

Use a pumpkin

While you are hollowing out pumpkins for carving, you might consider using one as a vase. Take the top off, pull out the seeds (and don’t forget to roast them for a delicious treat for afterwards) and then place an arrangement of fall flowers – think orange mums or lilies– into the pumpkin. Keep the flowers in a sterile, leak-proof vase inside of the pumpkin.

Display on a spooky grave

If you are into the “fright” part of Halloween, using Styrofoam grave markers can be a great way to make your space look a little more …”festive”. A bouquet of dark purple and red flowers laid across a graveyard decoration not only adds some beauty, but an extra layer of spooky realism.

Dress up as a Goulish Bride

Nothing is more fun at Halloween than putting on a little Living Dead make-up. And what totally completes an Undead bride look more than a bouquet of dark and moody flowers?Dark and blue roses are a great option for flowers for a Corpse Bride bouquet.

Halloween is coming up quickly – what are you doing to make your space a little spookier?

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