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Spring Seedlings

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

If you are like many Albertans, the COVID quarantine started you thinking about new things you could do at home, including gardening. And given our short growing season – here in zone 3b – it’s important that you are starting your garden now, indoors. Ready to start enjoying some home-grown flowers that supplement the beautiful flower designs from Blooms by May? Here are some (definitely not all!) great flowers to start from seeds right now.


Have a shady balcony or corner of the deck that you’d love to be full of blooms this summer? Then start your impatiens seeds right now. These bright flowers do well in planters or hanging baskets and in bedding, making them a great flower to start with. They take about three weeks to germinate and will be ready for transplant outside by early June if you start now.


If you want help in your vegetable garden in the form of a cheerful bloom, look no further than marigolds. These easy-to-grow beauties attract pollinators, like bees and butterflies, as well as insects that keep pests at bay. They may also repel unwanted nematodes. Plus, marigolds are edible!

It’s still a little early to start your marigolds indoors (they are fast germinators!) but get your seeds now for an early-mid April start. You can transplant them outside starting mid-May.


No matter how much space you have, petunias are another great choice for some outdoor flowers. Whether in your garden as pest control, or in a planter on a balcony, these colourful flowers will be a fantastic addition to your outdoor space. They are hardy and easy to care for, as well as beautiful. Start your seeds now so they are ready to be moved outside in early June.


This sweet bloom does well in cooler temperatures, making it a great flower to have in spring and fall for containers or borders. They tend to fare well against insects and disease and aren’t too particular about soil conditions. They do well in partially shaded areas, making them great for cramped balconies as well. They can be started from seeds indoors now and taken outside in mid-May. Bonus – pansies are also edible, making them a favourite for cake decorations or elaborate salads.

Please note: If you plan on using them for edible use, be sure you don't use fertilizer!

Having bouquets full of professionally arranged flowers inside your house is amazing. And this year, you might want to try your hand at moving some blooms outdoors as well. The pride you will feel, looking at your colourful flowers that you started from nothing but a seed, will make the experience even sweeter.

We’d love to hear – what is your favourite flower to start from seed indoors?

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