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Pick the Perfect Flowers for a BBQ

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

We don’t get particularly long summers here in Edmonton, so we must enjoy the sunny outdoors while we have them! What’s one way to do that? Invite everyone over for a backyard BBQ! But, instead of just focusing on the food, why not upgrade your next bash with some beautiful flowers?

Use what you have

If you have a lush backyard, you’re already most of the way there! Tidy and trim your yard so it looks its absolute best. Arrange moveable pots around the party area to enhance the space. You can also use interesting containers – like antique watering cans and birdcages, to make the most of your potted blooms. If you have flowers ready to be cut, arrange them on the tables using our flower arranging tips.

Pick a theme or colour scheme

If you really want to elevate your party, pick a theme, or colour scheme to tie everything together – tableware, food, and flowers! Consider what you’re celebrating – if it’s simply the existence of the sun, then sunflowers and other bright, happy yellow flowers are an obvious choice. Decide if you want sleek and sophisticated, or laid back and rustic (even old tin cans can be beautiful!).

Focus on flow

Yes, you want to make the space beautiful. But you don’t want to do that at the expense of the party. Make sure people can see over arrangements to engage in conversation with other party goers. Organize potted flowers in places where they won’t be in the way. Utilize flowers in interesting ways – as part of the food plating, for instance, instead of making people work around your décor. Also! Watch out for what pets and children can get into.

Use vertical space

Don’t forget to use vertical space and help people look up. Hang bottles of simple, whimsical flowers from trees. Consider using hanging baskets along the fence. Elevate containers on tables or stools. Highlight the beauty of the flowers with some twinkling lights (if you go late enough) and really make your space magical.

Most importantly…don’t forget to invite me!

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