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Fall Bouquets

Whether you’re ready or not, fall is almost here. And although fresh flowers are always in season, there are trends that change once the leaves turn. So, let’s talk about fall bouquets.

Wild it up

Autumn bouquets are often a bit wilder than a summer version. They tend to take on more natural, less cultivated shapes, and often feature wildflowers and fall-themed fillers, like autumn-coloured leaves, berries, or even succulents. This is harvest time, so think bountiful abundance instead of sleek and compact.

Bejewel it

Just like any other season, fall flower arrangements come in a multitude of colours, but tend to trend towards rich, jewel tones instead of bright or pastel. Mimicking the palettes that nature provides is always a great idea – yellows, oranges and reds scream fall. Too much colour for your taste? A simple white bouquet with accents of deep purple and some greenery are also a great way to welcome sweater-and-boot season.

Mums the word

The mum is a humble flower, and is a great choice for fall. Whether it be a rich burgundy or a glowing gold, the flower that is a symbol of joy and optimism makes autumn bouquets look a bit rustic and fun. They come in a variety of shapes and textures and tend to last longer than many other flowers, especially when proper care is taken (check back on our blog for future tips!) If you don’t know where to start with a fall bouquet, a mum is a great flower to build around.

Go classic

Not a big fan of fall tones or rustic shapes? A classic rose bouquet in shades of blush and red with some muted greenery make a perfect autumn bouquet. Whether paired with something a little wilder, or arranged on their own, roses will always be in season.

Adapt your vase

Sometimes, all you need to make a bouquet look fall ready is the right container. Use baskets, a hollowed-out pumpkin, or fill clear vases with pinecones. Instead of ribbon, try the earthy simplicity of raffia. The container your floral arrangement comes in is a great base to build a wonderful fall bouquet.

There aren’t any rules that say you need a certain kind of bouquet to match the season. Always go with whatever looks and feels best to you or the person you are buying for. However, taking inspiration from the season can make you just a little more excited to welcome the cooler weather.

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