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Easter Flower Arrangements

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Easter may or may not be a holiday you and your family celebrate; but honestly, isn’t any excuse for a beautiful bouquet of flowers a good one? Easter is ultimately a celebration of rebirth and forgiveness, both things that are worth celebrating with flowers.

Easter Lily

The official flower of Easter is a bulb that must remain underground for some time (they might not flower the first year they are planted) before becoming a beautiful flower. The Easter Lily, with its white petals, signifies purity as well.

This beautiful white bloom is easy to arrange with other white flowers, or in a more colourful bouquet. They pair especially well with roses. But if you have cats, steer clear – even stray pollen can cause serious illness.


Tulips are an incredibly popular Easter flower, and for good reason. They are often called a harbinger of spring and new beginnings, and white tulips are sometimes said to be associated with forgiveness. Their vibrant colours are also reminiscent of decorated Easter eggs.

Overall, tulips scream spring, brighten any room, and are incredibly versatile.


The daisy is often synonymous with spring. Simple, cheery, and full of hope, they make an ideal Easter flower. The yellow centers of the classic Shasta daisy add a lovely pop of colour to an otherwise white Easter bouquet. Gerberas are incredibly versatile in terms of colour. They are the perfect flower for a simple bouquet, or as part of a larger arrangement like our Spring Pastels Basket.

If Easter is an important holiday for you, a spring bouquet is a great way to add a beautiful focal point to your celebration. However, even if you don’t celebrate Easter, it’s a great excuse to celebrate a new season with some lovely flowers.

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